Entrepreneurs in particular find it difficult to get by without a website. You don’t have to set up a website yourself – you can get it built by a freelancer or digital agency. However, there are many service providers which means that there is wide variation in terms of providers’ skills and website prices.

Professional turnkey websites

If you outsource the creation of your website or online store, you don’t have to spend time figuring out things like content management systems (CMS), cascading style sheets (CSS) or JavaScript. You can simply order a website for your business and specify the layout, content and additional features you want. Money usually gets you whatever you want, so for an extra fee you may be able to add services to your website or online shop such as online reservations, product variation features and search engine-friendly content.

The client relationship usually continues even after the website is completed, and the creator of the website will probably be happy to keep it maintained and updated. The provider can also help you update and edit your website content.

How can I find a good website builder?

There is a wide range of professionals providing websites for businesses, and finding the right one can be tricky. There is no single patent solution for finding a website provider, but here are a few guidelines:

  • Check out the websites of the companies that have provided recommendations on the provider’s website
    • What impression do they give of the provider?
    • How fast do those websites load?
    • Are they optimized for mobile phones also?
    • Do the businesses that provide recommendations on the provider’s website operate in the same sector as your company?
  • In the case of WordPress websites, does the provider mention that they use ready-made themes, or do they build custom sites? Using ready-made themes makes the work faster and cheaper, but sometimes these themes can have some functional limitations or slow down the site.
  • Does the company creating the website have any customer testimonials on their own website? Could you call one of their clients and ask them about their experience?
  • Can you find any online reviews or other feedback about the agency’s or freelancer’s services?