A website builder is a service that allows clients to create and publish websites themselves using a simple editor. It enables them to add pages, texts and images, and format the layout within the limits set by the editor. Forms and social media links can also be added without any technical knowledge. The editors generally work by dragging and dropping elements to desired locations on the page.

All-inclusive website builders

Well-known website builders include Wix, WordPress.com, Squarespace and Webnode. In these cases, the website is built directly on the service provider’s service, and the client does not actually own it. This is also the case if a client has a social media profile on a social media site: the client is only a user of the service. They must comply with the rules and practices of the service.

Web hosting and website builder

Some web hosting services offer a website builder as a supplementary service. The client first rents the server space it needs for its website and then creates the website with the site builder. This arrangement gives the company more control over its website, as the client manages the server space it rents and is responsible for managing the domain of the website itself, among other tasks.

The client can make a high-quality, neat-looking basic website with a website builder, but the site will have its limitations. For example, it will not be possible to edit the source code of the website, and when editing the layout the user may encounter situations where the exact design they want is not possible. For this reason, if the client wants some special features for their website or online shop, they should check in advance whether they can be added in the website builder.

Advantages of website builders:
+ Easy to use
+ Affordable
+ No previous website building experience required

Disadvantages of website builders:
– Limited range of features
– Sites made directly in the service are not owned by the client
– Customer service is often in English only
– Search engine availability is not guaranteed