If your web site has been imported into the installation program, you can make and restore backups within the installation program.

These are not automatic backups taken by the web hosting. See instructions for automatic backups here.

We show you how to create and restore automatic backups from a WordPress web site imported with the installation program.

Note that if you are using one of our fully updated WP web hosting services, WordPress and its plugins will be automatically updated by default. When an update is made, an automatic backup is taken that can be fell back on. This feature is available in all our web hosting services. The instructions for the installation program are here: Updating a WordPress site with the installation program

The installation program keep three of the latest backups, meaning that if three copies already exist, the oldest is deleted. There backups are stored on a separate server, not taking up the web hosting storage space. These three include any backups taken by the user and the automatic ones. An automatic backup is created when the installation program updates the site, and the backup is stored for 14 days. Manually taken backups are not deleted automatically, unless there are more than three of them.

Making a backup copy

1. First log into the web hosting admin panel and select “Installation program” in the top menu.

2. Then select the desired function, that is, “Make backup”.

3. Select the backup storage location and a name, such as “August2018”.

4. The installation program will make the backup.

Restoring a backup copy

You will now find the backup on the installation program tab “Backups”. If you like, you can restore the backup or download it to your computer, for example.

Backup settings in the installation program

You can check your settings in your installation program for automatic updates and their backups.
Select the installation program’s settings and the tab “Overview”.

Check that you can made the choices you want regarding automatic updates. You can also select the default location for the backups.