If you have transferred the domain to Hostingpalvelu from another service provider or just want to change the domain’s name services, you can do this on your Customer page as follows.

1. Once you have logged in to your customer page, click on ‘Your domains.

2. Find the domain on the list that you want to change. Click “Data” on the right.

3. In the menu on the left, click on “Name servers” or “Change name servers”.

4. If you intend to use Hostingpalvelu name servers, select “Use default name servers” and then “Change name servers”.

If you want to change name servers, select “Use other name servers (enter in the form)” and then enter the name servers you want in the fields provided.

Then click “Change name servers”.
Nimipalvelimien vaihto

Note! The DNSSEC feature is not available on Hostingpalvelu name servers, so the domain will stop working if it is switched on and you switch over to the default name servers. The feature can be deactivated under “DNSSEC” in the domain details. DNSSEC is an optional feature supported by some name servers, and it is not used by default.