You can use email boxes set up in Hostingpalvelu’s web hosting not only in webmail but also with an email program of your preference. These instructions show you how to start using your Gmail account and to send and receive email messages through it.

Note! Before you start, have available the details of your email account.

You will need:

  • Your email address
  • The email account password
  • The email server address

The email server is in format, in which X is the number of the email server. You will get this information either from the email message with the subject line “Hosting account data” or in the customer page under My Subscriptions > Services > Manage.

1. Open the Settings – Accounts and Import. Click “Add a POP3 email account you own”.

Sähköpostitilin lisääminen Gmail sähköpostiin.

2. Enter your email address.

Sähköpostiosoitteen liittäminen Gmailiin.

3. Enter the username (the entire email address), your password and email server. When using POP setting and SSL encryption, the port is 995. We recommend using encryption. Click on “Add account”.

Note! You should check the server name either from the “Hosting account data” message or on the Customer pages under web hosting data. You can also contact our customer service.

If you also want to leave a copy of the message on the Hostingpalvelu server, tick the box “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”. Otherwise the email messages are only saved in Gmail.

Sähköpostitilin liittäminen gmailiin.

4. If you only want to retrieve your message into Gmail, you are done, and you can click on “No” and “Ready”. If you also want to send messages, select “Yes, I want to send messages…”. Continue to step 5.

Kuinka lisään sähköpostitilin Gmailissa.

5. Add the account name (optional) and your email address. Select “Next step”.

Sähköpostitilin liittäminen gmailiin.

6. Add the settings as shown in the picture and enter your password. Remember to replace the X in the email server name with the number of your email server. Click on “Add account”.

Sähköpostitilin liittäminen gmailiin.

7. You will receive a code by email; add it in the open field. Now you can also send messages from Gmail. Click on “Verify”.

Sähköpostitilin liittäminen gmailiin.