Our customers have been receiving phishing messages via email, claiming that their domain has been interrupted and directing them to log in to the administration page. The link provided in the letter takes you to a genuine-looking login page, which is a copy of our official page. If you enter your login details via this page, they will be passed on to the fraudster.

If you receive messages directing you to log in or perform some other action on the services, check the sender’s address and the URL of the login page, which should be https://www.hostingpalvelu.fi/asiakkaat/index.php?rp=/login.

If you are not sure whether the message is a scam or not, do not click on the links in the message. If you want to log in to your customer page, you can do it more safely by going directly to our website hostingpalvelu.fi from your browser.

If you have received a scam message and suspect that you have entered your login details on a fake website, please change your password quickly here, and contact our customer service.