Earn more by recommending Hostingpalvelu

Are you designing a website for businesses or individuals? Do you not currently receive any financial reward for clients you acquire?

Hostingpalvelu’s affiliate program offers an excellent opportunity for extra earnings. It pays to refer your clients to Hostingpalvelu, a reliable and affordable provider!

The hosting service pays a substantial commission (20%) for all packages for new clients acquired through the affiliate program – even paying commissions on a permanent basis. You will also receive a commission for WordPress web hosting subscriptions that are purchased.

Earn money as a Hostingpalvelu affiliate

By creating a website for your clients via Hostingpalvelu’s service or directing them to us, you will also receive a good commission on web hosting sales – even on an ongoing basis!

You can also, of course, just refer companies and individuals to us and collect commissions without creating the website for them yourself.

Earn on a permanent basis

We pay fair commissions for all our packages, but in the case of the Yrityspaketti (enterprise package) we pay commission on a permanent basis. As long as your client has the aforementioned package with us, you will receive a commission on the package fees they pay Hostingpalvelu. For the Aloituspaketti starter package and Peruspaketti basic package, the commission is one-off. See the table below for details of the commissions we pay.

Who is Hostingpalvelu’s affiliate program for?

You or your company are our customer once you have subscribed to one of our web hosting packages. To be eligible for Hostingpalvelu’s affiliate program, the company must also have at least a business name (at least a sole trader registered in the Finnish Tax Administration preliminary tax withholding register).

Hostingpalvelu affiliate program FAQs

You’ll find answers to many questions here.

Join our affiliate program

If you would like to join Hostingpalvelu’s affiliate program, please contact us by email myynti@hostingpalvelu.fi

Web hosting Continuous commissions Provision
Aloituspaketti No 20%
Peruspaketti No 20%
Yrityspaketti Yes! 20%
Yrityspaketti x2 Yes! 20%
WordPress-webhotelli Continuous commissions Provision
WP1 No 20%
WP2 No 20%
WP3 Yes! 20%