What is a domain? - Webhosting FAQHostingpalvelu web hosting is a package that combines the technology you need to maintain your website and emails into a clear and competitively priced service. The service consists of storage space and a domain name service on a server permanently connected to the internet. In addition to these, the web hosting includes management software for controlling the features and settings of the service. In other words, you can think of web hosting as an online space for business or any other activity that you can rent if you want to set up a website or email addresses under your own domain name.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is your unique address on the internet. The domain name will be connected to your web hosting name services, and your website can then be found online with this domain name. In Finland, the most common domain is name extension is .fi. The domain name is usually not included in the price of web hosting, but it can be purchased at the same time as your web hosting subscription. Domain subscriptions are always taken out for a fixed period (usually one to five years), after which the domain must be renewed and paid for again for the desired period.

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Other terms related to web hosting and domains:

Name service / DNS, website space, transfer zone / traffic limit, SSL certificate, Email address

Choosing web hosting:

What’s the best web hosting for me?

What is a domain name service?

A domain name service (DNS) is the system that tells you which server connected to the internet holds the domain name you type into your browser. The name service converts textual domain names into numeric IP addresses that are understood by the computer. It also tells you to which server emails sent to the domain should be routed. For a more detailed description of how the DNS system works, see this guide (Finnish only).

What is a website space?

The website space is the storage space in a web hosting site for maintaining websites. The same disk space can also be used to host email accounts. Disk space is usually indicated in gigabytes (GB).

What is sufficient disk space for a website depends on the nature of the website and its use. For example, if you are using a WordPress content management system, 1 GB may be enough. If your website is more complex, or if email accounts are hosted on the same disk space, you should allocate more disk space from the beginning (e.g. 4 to 10 GB). The more large files you have in your email account using your website space, the more disk space it takes up.

Transfer zone / transfer limit / traffic lane

Web hosting packages always include a certain amount of data traffic per month. Traffic is generated when your site is visited and when you transfer files to and from your website space. The larger the files transferred or the more popular your website is, the more traffic it will generate.

The traffic limit is indicated in GB per month. You can see the traffic used by your website space in the control panel of your service. As a Hostingpalvelu customer, you will receive an email notification if the website traffic limit is approaching. If you need more transfer zones, you can upgrade your service to a larger one or subscribe to your current package as an extra resource for more traffic.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a certificate that tells a website visitor that the page is authentic. This ensures that the site is what it claims to be, and not a scam. For added data security, SSL also encrypts the traffic between the browser and the webhost. An encrypted connection is identified by the suffix ‘https’ of the network address (unencrypted addresses start with the suffix ‘http’ ). An encrypted connection is usually referred to as an HTTPS connection. Browsers give warnings about pages that lack encryption. Our web hosting includes a free SSL certificate automatically installed.

How to open a new email account

You can open and maintain email addresses in the web hosting under your own domain name (e.g. firstname.lastname@yourcompany.fi). The service includes a browser-based email client, but you can also use another program or application of your choice to use email on your computer and phone. If you want to use a separate email service (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, etc.) with your domain name, the routing can be carried out between the domain and the service using the web hosting name services. Read more about email here.

What’s the best web hosting for me?

The criteria for choosing a service depend on your particular skills and needs. If these are things you are not already familiar with and the services are for your business (or otherwise financially significant) needs, the best option is likely to be the one that includes the best customer service. In this case, the cheapest web hosting is rarely the best. If you have some technical expertise or want to learn about web hosting practices, the right web hosting for you is one with good controllability (control panel). This allows you to edit settings independently, take backups and test the impact of different settings on your site.

In addition, the performance of the service can be an important selection criterion. It is difficult for a beginner to judge performance and technical needs for themselves. It’s a good idea to check in advance the performance that the provider promises, look for customer testimonials or ask your website builder for recommendations.

Hostingpalvelu always provides the very best web hosting services and unbeatable customer service!

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